The middleman

Title The middleman
Original title জন অরণ্য
Author Sankar; transl. from the Bengali by Arunava Sinha
Publication Penguin India
Size 192p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 9780143066712
Topics Indian fiction--Bengali--Translated into English
Books adapted into a film or play
Calcutta (India)--Social conditions--Fiction
Notes 'A veil had descended on the city. It wasn't very late, but Somnath felt as though the sun had suddenly set on impenetrable forest, giving way to a dangerous darkness.' 1970s Calcutta. The city is teeming with thousands of young men in search of work. Somnath Banerjee spends his days queuing up at the employment exchange. Unable to find a job despite his qualifications, Somnath decides to go into the order - supply business as a middleman. His ambition drives him to prostitute an innocent girl for a contract that will secure the future of Somnath Enterprises. As Somnath grows from an idealistic young man into a corrupt businessman, the novel becomes a terrifying portrait of the price the city extracts from its youth. [back cover]
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