Within our own hearts

Title Within our own hearts
twelve Dhamma talks on meditation practice
Author by Ayya Khema
Publication Buddhist Publ. Society
Size 124p
Language ENGENG
ISBN 9789552402906
Topics Meditation--Buddhism
Notes Ayya Khema: "It was the Buddha's explicit teaching that real peace and happiness cannot be found within worldly conditions. First, they are always changing, but also they do not contain enough depth and profundity to really satisfy the yearning in our hearts for a deep and lasting contentment. This little volume of Dhamma talks is offered here to show a way out of our problems and suffering, to give an idea of the Buddha's way to reach ultimate peace and happiness. If anyone becomes inspired to practise this path of moral conduct, meditation and insight, our world will be so much the better for it." This inspiring book is based on twelve talks given at the Parappaduwa Nuns Island in Sri Lanka. Ayya Khema insists that the Buddha's teachings, though profound, are simple and can be realised within our own hearts.
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