To the ends of the world

Title To the ends of the world
Close quarters
Author William Golding
Publication Faber and Faber
Size 301p
Language ENGENG
ISBN 9780571298563
Topics English fiction--Historical
English fiction--Travel
English fiction--Adventure
Seafaring life--Fiction
Notes "This tropical nowhere was the whole world - the whole imaginable world." A decrepit warship is becalmed halfway to Australia, stilled in an ocean wilderness of heat and sea mists. In this surreal atmosphere, a ball is held with a passing ship: the passengers dance and flirt, while beneath them seaweed like green hair spreads omniously over the hull. Half-mad with fear, drink, love and opium, both vessel and passengers feel themselves going to pieces: and the very planks seem to twist themselves alive as the ship comes apart at the seams . . .
GOLD 20:2
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