Grail quest

Title Grail quest
The archer's tale
Author Bernard Cornwell
Publication Harper
Size 484p
Language ENGENG
ISBN 9780007310302
Topics English fiction--Historical
English fiction--War stories
Holy Grail
Hundred years' war (1337-1453)
Notes It was the time when the English came across the Channel to take the battle to the French. The army was led by the King, the great lords and knights, but it is the archers, the common men who are to be England's secret weapon. Thomas of Hookton is one of these archers. But he is also on a personal mission - one he frequently forgets in the joy of fighting - to avenge his father’s killing by a French raider and to retrieve his family's treasure. But the journey is far more complex and treacherous than he had expected and the enemy who awaits him could harness the power of Christendom's greatest relic - the Grail itself.
CORN 7:1
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