The end of your world

Title The end of your world
uncensored straight talk on the nature of enlightenment
Author Adyashanti
Publication SoundsTrue
Size XV, 218p
Language ENGENG
ISBN 9781591797791
Topics Enlightenment (Spirituality)
Notes [cop] For those serious about enlightenment, author and teacher Adyashanti has some advice: better know what you're getting into. Because with spiritual awakening, you find that the strongly held beliefs and perceptions you've taken to be 'you' and 'your world' vanish into the unmanifest nature of all that is. The End of Your World presents a landmark six-CD course on the reality of enlightenment and the total re-wiring of your being that accompanies it what Adyashanti calls our journey into the infinite, our true nature as pure consciousness itself.
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