Title Bloodstone
legend of the last engraving
Author Rashmi Narzary
Publication Narzary
Size 189p
Language ENGENG
ISBN 9789354575716
Topics Indian fiction--English
Indian fiction--Mythological
Indian fiction--Mystery
Notes The Kamakhya Temple. The Ambubasi fair on its grounds. Only because of the Bloodstone in the Temple. What if the Bloodstone ceases to bleed? Will the Kamakhya cease to be? Will the Ambubasi too cease to be the Mela it is? Will the divine mother at Kamakhya yield to the heart-wrenching implore of the human mother and prevent her little daughter from surrendering herself at the temple’s altar? Will there emerge a full female form in place of the yoni at the temple’s garbhagriha? What is it that is so destined but a hundred and two years from now? Only BLOODSTONE, Legend of the Last Engraving will tell…. …..blood shall stop flowing…went the prophecy. ‘It is only in the dead, Kuntal, that blood stops flowing!’ Bhairavi said. An ancient, buried copper engraving is unearthed while tilling a virgin land by the ruins of a palace, threatening to alter prehistoric beliefs among both god and man. Weaving through centuries in time and vastness in space, and embracing both the divine and the mortal, this is the tale of that copper engraving which the ill-fated, ill-begotten Princess Ambaa of Nepal etches as she mourns the death of her only friend Dakshyayani. It is this engraving, of Dakshyayani’s yoni, that is destined to create havoc on earth and in heaven alike, but only if it is borne to where it belongs, by a virgin born out of humble seed in a fresh, hitherto unused and unstained womb and born a female..... neither a bastard nor born out of incest, nor conceived by divine, extraordinary or non-humanly simulated insemination, unscathed of skin and nail, undiseased of the mortal body, pure of soul, and black of hair and eyes.... Centuries later, would the dominated, silenced and barren Bhairavi eventually give birth and find her voice to raise it to confront even the Mother Goddess Durga? Will the Goddess at Kamakhya yield to her?
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