Sunshine is everywhere

Title Sunshine is everywhere
one moment at a time
Author Pradeep Malhotra
Publication Notion
Size XIV, 171p
Language ENGENG
ISBN 9781946515322
Topics Spiritual memoirs
Notes Sunshine is everywhere. We have only to open our hearts to see through the clouds that cover a radiant sun. As we slow down what is deep within has a chance to surface. We realise that all moments are taken care of and nothing is lacking. All feelings of separation and darkness vanish. Today, each passing moment suggests an evolutionary acceleration and movement. Is some radical new intervention taking us towards a newer consciousness and wholeness? Do we sense a mysterious smile that dances moment to moment challenging us? Perhaps we must be awake to these moments and venture on to a sunlit path. This book is a selection of writings from the author's journals with photographs from his travels. A miscellany, they touch upon a range of issues that challenge, intrigue or amuse-from light-hearted daily occurrences at his rural home in the Kumaon hills to events affecting each of us deeply at multiple levels. They reflect on our individual longings and social interactions and raise questions pertaining to nature and environment, an ever-deepening planetary crisis and a continual quest for the spiritual.
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