Beyond possible

Title Beyond possible
one soldier, fourteen peaks - my life in the death zone
Author Nimsdai Purja
Publication Hodder
Size 305p
Language ENGENG
ISBN 9781529312263
Topics Mountaineering expeditions--Himalaya
Notes An SBS Gurkha soldier’s account of how his tough Nepali upbringing and the lessons learned in his army life enabled his record-breaking conquest of all 14 of the world’s 8,000m peaks in under 7 months. What happens when ambition meets limitless imagination? Enter Project Possible: a seemingly unreachable goal to climb all fourteen “death zone” mountains in record time. The previous record was seven years, ten months and six days. I did it in six months. This is the inside story of my incredible adventure. As a kid in Nepal, barefoot in the mountains, I developed the resilience I needed to later join the Gurkhas, one of the most fearless forces in the British Army. Then in the Special Boat Service I served in some of the world’s most dangerous warzones. But my next challenge was even more of a test. In Beyond Possible I’ll reveal how I conquered the world’s most dangerous peaks, breaking several world records in the process. With my elite training, I was able to adapt quickly to the lethal conditions, rarely phased by the lung-burning temperatures or brutal winds. Fear became irrelevant because I had belief. In the death zone, I came alive. But even after facing countless challenges, right at the peak of my achievements, my world fell apart when my mother was hospitalized. But I survived and ultimately conquered the most deadly and hostile mountains on the planet. Beyond Possible is my story.
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