Peace off

Title Peace off
and be what you are
Author Karl Renz
Publication Zen
Size 224p
Language ENGENG
ISBN 9789385902475
Topics Self-deception
Peace--Religious aspects
Notes Mind loves new concepts for they provide a cosy terra firma a comfortable landing place. Of late Peace has been one of the famous landing places for spiritual seekers. There are infinite techniques of how to be at peace with oneself... Meditation... celebration... renunciation... Sure enough, Karl comes around questioning the one who wants to be in peace. With compelling insights, the one looking for peace is then seen in a new the source of misery. Karl's koan-like expressions are truly mind-bending the resultant frustration of the mind tripping over its own concepts is a telltale sign of the one tryingto understand. What it all boils down to is this: when the most famous idea of being at peace is challenged what remains? Let s just say that the one trying to be peaceful is in for a fine round of walloping!
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