The ocean tribe

Title The ocean tribe
Author Charlotte Prentiss
Publication Harper Collins
Size 378p
Language ENGENG
ISBN 0061010111
Topics American fiction--Native Americans
American fiction--Women
American fiction--War stories
Notes Here was an ancient land of beauty and bloodshed... Turning away from warfare and superstition, Kori and her husband, Uroh, left their people to found the Ocean Tribe, a group of peace-loving wanderers turned fishermen and hunters. Led by a strong and beautiful female warrior, protected by the mysterious sea, they had no enemies. Or so Kori thought. Yet a bitter foe lies deep within the tribe itself, poised to strike. The tribe's peaceful existence begins to crumble when a stranger named Werror appears, seeking refuge after ruthless fighters decimate his village. Skilled and clever, this powerful man both captivates and disturbs Kori. Little does she know that he is about to lead her into the ultimate betrayal...and a battle for survival that will shatter everything she believes about herself and her world.
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