The wives of Henry VIII

Title The wives of Henry VIII
The six wives of Henry VIII
Author Antonia Fraser
Publication Knopf
Size 479p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 0394585380
Topics Biography--Rulers (heads of gov./ chief exec.)
Henry VIII (King of England, 1491-1547)
Queens (Regents)
Catherine of Aragon (Queen consort of Henry VIII, 1485-1536)
Boleyn, Anne (Queen, consort of Henry VIII, 1507-1536)
Seymour, Jane (Queen consort of Henry VIII, 1508-1537)
Anne of Cleves (Queen consort of Henry VIII, 1515-1557)
Howard, Catherine (Queen consort of Henry VIII, 1523-1542)
Parr, Catherine (Queen consort of Henry VIII, 1512-1548)
Notes In a sweeping narrative, Fraser traces the cultural, familial and political roots of each of Henry's queens, pushes aside the stereotypes that have long defined them, and illuminates the complex character of each. The result is a superb work of history through which these six women become as memorable for their own achievements--and mistakes--as they have always been for their fateful link to Henry VIII. Illustrations.
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