A woman of Cairo

Title A woman of Cairo
Author Noel Barber
Publication Coronet
Size 672p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 0340377720
Topics English fiction--Historical
English fiction--Love
Cairo (Egypt)--Fiction
Notes Cairo, 1919. Egypt, choked by centuries of corruption and decay, is seething with rival factions battling to take control. For Mark Holt, heir to one of Cairo's ruling British families, it is a time of great excitement-and even greater danger. Trapped in a frightening web of espionage, royal intrigue and murder, Mark must fight for the glory of the country he knows and loves...and for the dazzling Egyptian woman he can't live without. From the decadence of King Farouk's court, to the fury of Rommel's desert legions, to the violent uprisings of Nasser and Sadat, Sakkara sweeps across decades filled with unforgettable daring and adventure-a story of a people's struggle for freedom and one man's triumph against all odds.
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