Top 100 birding sites of the world

Title Top 100 birding sites of the world
Author Dominic Couzens
Publication University of California Pr.
Size 320p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 9780520259324
Topics Bird sites / Bird watching
Notes King penguins in Antarctica, cassowaries in Queensland, cocks-of-the rock in Peru. This gorgeous book describes the one hundred best bird-watching sites on the planet. Introductory sections give an overview of each continent or region, and then each site is listed and ranked on a country-by-country basis. The entries all include a full description, a list of key species, a map, and information on the best time of year to visit. Lavish color photographs capture rare and elusive species as well as some of the world's best avian spectacles, such as the snow goose blizzard at Bosque del Apache and the flocks of lesser flamingos on Africa's Rift Valley lakes. Many birding sites are included for their unique avifauna, endemics, and oddities—the Seychelles, Andasibe in Madagascar, Taveuni in Fiji, and the Alaka`i wilderness in Hawaii, among others. With its truly global coverage—of the huge flocks of wintering geese in Britain and the United States, the cranes in both Japan and France, the "river of raptors" passage at Veracruz in Mexico, and much more—this book will inform and inspire anyone who plans to visit, or who dreams of visiting, these extraordinary locations.
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