Song of the exile

Title Song of the exile
Author Kiana Davenport
Publication Ballantine
Size 360p
Language ENGENG
ISBN 0345434943
Topics Hawaii--Fiction
American fiction--Historical
American fiction--Love
World War II (1939-1945)--Pacific arena
World War II (1939-1945)--Fiction
Notes In this epic, original novel in which Hawaii's fierce, sweeping past springs to life, Kiana Davenport, author of the acclaimed Shark Dialogues, draws upon the remarkable stories of her people to create a timeless, passionate tale of love and survival, tragedy and triumph, survival and transcendence. In spellbinding, sensual prose, Song of the Exile follows the fortunes of the Meahuna family--and the odyssey of one resilient man searching for his soul mate after she is torn from his side by the forces of war. From the turbulent years of World War II through Hawaii's complex journey to statehood, this mesmerizing story presents a cast of richly imagined characters who rise up magnificent and forceful, redeemed by the spiritual power and the awesome beauty of their islands.
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