The homecoming

Title The homecoming
Author Shashi Warrier
Publication Penguin India
Size 304p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 9780143065012
Topics Indian fiction--Thrillers
Indian fiction--English
Notes Javed Sharif returns home to Srinagar for his father's eighty-fourth birthday, He returns with a sense of well-being, despite the troubles, the violence and the bitterly cold weather, Unexpectedly, his dreams of retiring and settling in Kashmir again are shattered by a knock on the door on the day of the birthday party and, as he watches his life unravel, his world will never be the same again, The Homecoming is the story of one family, but also of the many families in Kashmir whose lives have been destroyed by decades of violence and uncertainty, Deeply moving and disturbingly honest, this is a haunting tale that is political yet profoundly personal, and tells of the pain and suffering that is a result of the cruelty—and ultimately the indifference—of the state.
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