Heal your wounds & find your true self

Title Heal your wounds & find your true self
rejection, abandonment, injustice, betrayal, humiliation
Original title Les 5 blessures qui empêchent d'être soi-même
Author Lise Bourbeau
Publication ETC
Size 224p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 2920932187
Topics Mental healing
Personal improvement and analysis
Notes This new book by Lise Bourbeau demonstrates that all problems, whether physical, emotional or mental, stem from five important wounds: rejection, abandonment, humiliation, betrayal and injustice. This book contains detailed descriptions of these wounds and of the masks we've developed to hide them. With this information, you will learn to identify the real cause of a specific problem in your life. This book will allow you to set off on the path that leads to complete healing, the path that leads to your ultimate goal: your true self.
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