Title Glow
Indian foods, recipes and rituals for beauty, inside and out
Author Vasudha Rai
Publication Ebury
Size 279p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 9780143441595
Topics Beauty--Personal
Personal improvement and analysis
Notes Did you know that saffron can make you calmer? Or that tulsi protects you against pollution? Or that turnips and radishes clarify your complexion? Whoever said that great skin is purely genetic has obviously never harnessed the power of beauty foods. While it is possible to fake great skin with make-up, you can only be truly radiant when you nourish your body from within. From basic garden-variety fruit and vegetables to potent Ayurvedic herbs, this book tells you what to eat to ensure beauty inside and out. Build strength and immunity, brighten and clarify your skin and obtain peace of mind with these potent Indian remedies. These combinations, recipes, home-made face masks, oils and morning infusions will transform not just your skin but also your body and mind. After all, outer beauty is only a symptom of inner health.
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