Earth Chronicles

Title Earth Chronicles
Genesis revisited
Author Zecharia Sitchin
Publication Avon
Size 343p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 0380761599
Topics Controversial Knowledge
Civilization--Ancient--Extraterrestrial influences
Notes Promoting the idea of ancient astronauts from a trans-Neptunian planet having created mankind in their image. Modern Technology . . . or Knowledge of the Ancients? Space travel . . . Genetic engineering . . . Computer science . . . Astounding achievements as new as tomorrow. But stunning recent evidence proves that as these ultramodern advances were known to our forfathers millions of yrsterdays ago . . . as early as 3,000 years before the birth of Christ! In this remarkable companion volume to his landmark EARTH CHRONICLES series, author Zecharia Sitchin reexamines the teachings of the ancients in the light of mankind's latest scientific discoveries -- and uncovers breathtaking, never-before-revealed facts that challenge long-held, conventional beliefs about our planet and our species.
SITC 5:4.5
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