A promised land

Title A promised land
Original title زمین
Author Khadija Mastur; transl. from the Urdu by Daisy Rockwell
Publication Penguin India
Size XIV, 227p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 9780670090358
Topics Pakistani fiction--Women
Pakistani fiction--Urdu--Translated into English
Pakistani fiction--Historical--Partition
Notes In the wake of the Partition, a new country is born. As millions of refugees pour into Pakistan, swept up in a welter of chaos and deprivation, Sajidah and her father find their way to the Walton refugee camp, uncertain of their future in what is to become their new home. Sajidah longs to be reunited with her beloved Salahuddin, but her journey out of the camp takes an altogether unforeseen route. Drawn into the lives of another family—refugees like herself—she is wary of its men, particularly Nazim, the eldest son whose gaze lingers over her. But it is the women of the household whose lives and choices will transform her the most: the passionately beseeching Saleema, her domineering mother Khala Bi, the kind but forlorn Amma Bi, and the feisty young housemaid Taji.
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