The women's courtyard

Title The women's courtyard
Original title آنگن
Author Khadija Mastur; transl. from the Urdu by Daisy Rockwell
Publication Penguin India
Size 391p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 9780670091362
Topics Pakistani fiction--Urdu--Translated into English
Pakistani fiction--Historical
Pakistani fiction--Women
Books adapted into a film or play
Awards--Adamjee award
Notes Aliya lives a life confined to the inner courtyard of her home with her older sister and irritable mother, while the men of the family throw themselves into the political movements of the day. She is tormented by the petty squabbles of the household and dreams of educating herself and venturing into the wider world. But Aliya must endure many trials before she achieves her goals, though at what personal cost? Set in the 1940s, with Partition looming on the horizon, The Women's Courtyard cleverly brings into focus the claustrophobic lives of women whose entire existence was circumscribed by the four walls of their homes, and for whom the outside world remained an inaccessible dream. Daisy Rockwell's elegant and nuanced translation captures the poignance and power of Khadija Mastur's inimitable voice.
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