Faces in the water

Title Faces in the water
Author Ranjit Lal
Publication Puffin
Size 202p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 9780143331063
Topics Indian fiction--English--Juvenile
Age group--Youth (10-18)
Indian fiction--Fantasy
Indian fiction--Families
Gender and society
Notes What do you do when you discover an unspeakable truth about your parents? The Diwanchand family boasted of having only sons, no daughters. The water from a magical well in their farmhouse was the reason behind this ‘good fortune’, they said. One day, fifteen-year-old Gurmi sets out to look for the well and what he sees changes everyone’s world forever. The faces of three girls look up at him from the water, and draw him into a world of fun, games and cyber magic—and Gurmi has to face up to an unnerving truth as murky as the surreal well. What terrible crimes have been committed behind the walls of the rambling Diwanchand family home? Will Gurmi and the ghost-girls be able to avenge the evil that has taken place and prevent yet another unspeakable atrocity from occurring? Funny, yet sensitive and immensely powerful, Faces in the Water is the story of lives lost to appease our society’s insatiable hunger for male children, and the price families pay for its sake.
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