Title T*Witches
The power of two
Author H. B. Gilmour & Randi Reisfeld
Publication Scholastic
Size 308p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 0439240700
Topics American fiction--juvenile--Paranormal
Age group--Youth (10-18)
Psychic phenomena--Precognition
Notes Camryn Barnes Smart,upbeat and popular, Cam is best of breed all around. Except for one bone-chilling secret. Cam sees things happening, before they happen. Very bad things. Alexandra Fielding Spunky, Punky and Sarcastic, Alex is all about making it from day to day. Life's tough, but Alex deals. Except for the weirdness. Alex hears things. The things people think, but haven't said. If ever they met... They could combine their powerful gifts and help people. Maybe even save a life. The could figure out who they really are, who their parents really are - or were. They could fall into very evil hands. Guess what? They're about to meet.
823 y
GILM 20:1
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