The blue-necked god

Title The blue-necked god
Original title নীলকণ্ঠী ব্ৰজ
Author Indira Goswami; transl. by Gayatri Bhattacharyya
Publication Zubaan
Size XIV, 190p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 9789381017852
Topics Indian fiction--Assamese--Translated into English
Indian fiction--Assamese--Women
Indian fiction--Assamese--Social
Indian fiction--Assamese--Autobiographical
Notes The Blue-necked God (Nilakantha Braja), published in 1976, is one of Indira Goswami’s early novels and the first time that a writer highlighted the exploitation and poverty of widows, dumped in a ‘sacred’ city to eke out their days in prayer by uncaring, callous families under the guise of religious sanction and tradition. It was a book that raised many eyebrows when it was first published for this amazing narrative combined fact and fiction, autobiography and reflection in a fascinating mix as she tried to depict the confusion and the mental agony she herself experienced after the death of her husband through her character Saudamini. The physical, emotional, financial deprivation faced by the young widow has been woven into a perceptive text that drew on the author’s own research and experiences as she roamed the streets of Vrindavan and exposed, for the first time, the uglier side of the city and its traditions.
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