Chronicle of a corpse bearer

Title Chronicle of a corpse bearer
Author Cyrus Mistry
Publication Aleph
Size 247p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 9788192328058
Topics Indian fiction--English
Indian fiction--Social
Indian fiction--Love
Parsees (Indo-Iranian people)
Notes At the very edge of its many interlocking worlds, the city of Bombay conceals a near invisible community of Parsi corpse bearers, whose job it is to carry bodies of the deceased to the Towers of Silence. Segregated and shunned from society, often wretchedly poor, theirs is a lot that nobody would willingly espouse. Yet thats exactly what Phiroze Elchidana, son of a revered Parsi priest, does when he falls in love with Sepideh, the daughter of an aging corpse bearer... Derived from a true story, Cyrus Mistrys extraordinary new novel is a moving account of tragic love that, at the same time, brings to vivid and unforgettable life the degradation experienced by those who inhabit the unforgiving margins of history
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