The remarkable secret of Aurelie Bonhoffen

Title The remarkable secret of Aurelie Bonhoffen
Author Deborah Abela
Publication Random House
Size 275p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 9781741660951
Topics Australian fiction--Juvenile--Adventure
Australian fiction--Juvenile--Mystery
Awards--Children's Book Council of Australia Awards
Age group--Youth (10-18)
Notes Ever since Aurelie Bonhoffen was a child, she has juggled, played the dead girl on the ghost train and the back end of the cow in the marquee of Bonhoffen's Seaside Pier. She adores her family - especially her uncles Rolo and Rindolf - but on her twelfth birthday, she stumbles on her family's remarkable secret. It's hard to accept at first, but when her new friend at school reveals a dangerous plot against the pier, the secret helps Aurelie confront the greatest threat her family has ever faced.
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