Celebrating the best of Urdu poetry

Title Celebrating the best of Urdu poetry
Author sel. by Khushwant Singh & Kamna Prasad; transl. w. an introd. by Khushwant Singh
Publication Penguin India
Size XIII, 191p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 0670999059
Topics Urdu poetry--Translated into English
Bi-Lingual edition--English and Urdu
Notes Maangey Allah se bas itni dua hai Rashid Main jo Urdu mein vaseeyat likhoon beta parh ley All Rashid asks of Allah is just one small gift If I write my will in Urdu, may my son be able to read it. Urdu, one of the most widely used languages in the subcontinent, is, sadly, dying a slow death in the land where it was born and where it flourished. This definitive collection spans over 200 years of Urdu poetry, celebrating well-known and relatively unknown poets alike. It is essential reading for all who love Urdu verse and for all looking for the ideal introduction.
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