The judge of Egypt

Title The judge of Egypt
Shadow of the Sphinx
Original title La justice du vizir
Author Christian Jacq; transl. by Sue Dyson
Publication Pocket
Size 359p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 0671018000
Topics French fiction--Historical
Egypt--History--1570-1075 BC (New Kingdom)
French fiction--Translated into English
Notes The time has come for the final confrontation. Appointed supreme magistrate and first minister of Egypt, Pazair and his wife Neferet must join forces against the Finance Minister, Pazair's sworn enemy, now openly presenting himself as spokesman for the conspirators who plan to overthrow Ramses the Great in order to seize supreme power. The situation appears desperate. By undermining the economy, the conspirators threaten to destroy the values which presided over the birth of Egyptian civilisation. And allies are few and far between. Where is Pazair's blood brother Suti, who has escaped from his Nubian prison? After several fruitless attempts, will the mysterious "shadow-eater" succeed in eliminating Pazair? Who is the real leader of the conspirators, the one hiding in the shadows? And who will emerge victorious from this fierce battle, on which the survival of Egypt depends?
JACQ 10:3
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