The judge of Egypt

Title The judge of Egypt
Beneath the pyramid
Original title La pyramide assassinĂ©e
Author Christian Jacq; transl. by Sue Dyson
Publication Pocket
Size 377p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 0671017985
Topics French fiction--Historical
Egypt--History--1570-1075 BC (New Kingdom)
French fiction--Translated into English
Notes The first in a new trilogy by Christian Jacq, BENEATH THE PYRAMID is a gripping novel of suspense which takes place during the reign of Ramses the Great. A young, intelligent, incorruptible novice judge, Pazair, is called to Memphis to investigate the mysterious deaths of five guards standing watch over the sphinx at Giza. His inquiries unearth a plot to overthrow Ramses, and with the help of Souti, a former scribe, and the beautiful Nefertet, a young doctor, he sets out to discover the truth.
JACQ 10:1
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