A season for martyrs

Title A season for martyrs
Author Bina Shah
Publication Speaking Tiger
Size 284p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 9789386050304
Topics Pakistani fiction--English
Pakistani fiction--Political
Pakistani fiction--Social
Bhutto, Benazir (Pakistani prime minister, 1953-2007)
Notes This novel revolves around the last three months of Benazir Bhotto's life -- from her arrival back in Pakistan in October of 2007 to her death in a suicide bombing on December 27th -- as told through the eyes of Ali, a young journalist who is the estranged son of a wealthy landowner. The contemporary narrative has flashbacks to the history of Ali's feudal family, Sufi mystics, a warrior clan, and the history of outside British and American interference. With Bhutto serving as the centerpiece of the deadly turmoil, Bina Shah reveals the many contradictions of a country that is struggling to enter into modernity.
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