Natural kingdoms

Title Natural kingdoms
healing with homeopathy
Author Dr Rajan Sankaran
Publication Penguin India
Size XIX, 240p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 9780143422419
Topics Homeopathy--Materia medica and therapeutics
Notes Why is it that, sometimes, a single pattern repeats itself endlessly through every sphere of an individuals life, despite their best efforts to change it using his path-breaking method of diagnosis, the sensation method, dr sankaran explains that an individuals perception of stress is shaped by an nner pattern, or song, which is connected to one of the three kingdoms in nature animal, plant or mineral identifying this fundamental connection enables homeopaths to cure ailments at their root insightful, accessible and lucid, natural kingdoms tells the story of the homeopathic process through the case studies of three individuals it will encourage you to discover your own inner song to bring about better health and harmony in your life.
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