Sun square Moon

Title Sun square Moon
Author Inez Baranay
Publication Writers Workshop
Size 98p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 8181576462
Topics Indian fiction--English
Indian fiction--Short stories and novellas
Notes “The writer needs a body to perform writing. The body is a text upon which yoga writes. The body is a text written by thought, experience, genetics, culture, performance, fashion, personality. The body is the self, the self is an illusion, the personality is one of its illusions. The writer creates a body of work, writings written by a person whose idea of a cohesive self is demonstrably illusory, whose conscious mind plays only a small part in what she herself does. As I began to write about the process of writing – observing my own methods and approaches, the influences on my practice, the origins and history of writing a novel, the ways these matters can be written of, I would find myself thinking of all this while doing yoga. Well, strictly speaking, yoga requires the total absorption of mind in the pose, so I should say I was thinking of all this while attempting to do yoga. Writing and yoga emerge as related practices. Yoga, a text written on herself, has a discipline that a writer might employ to inquire into writing practice, a language that a writer might employ to inquire into the writing of texts written by herself. The differences and the congruities of yoga and writing can be located in a territory where practice, body and self meet. That is the theme of this collection of writings.” [Introduction]
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