The Courtneys

Title The Courtneys
The power of the sword
Author Wilbur Smith
Publication Pan
Size 871p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 9780330297646
Topics English fiction--Historical
English fiction--War stories
English fiction--Families
World War II (1939-1945)--Fiction
Notes Shasa Courtney was groomed by his French-born mother to take control of the Courtney Mining and Finance Company, whose font of wealth was sown deep beneath African soil. But Shasa's brother, Manfred, had been trained by his renegade father to be a hunter--of lions, and of men. As the two boys became men, they took on the extraordinary powers of each parent: Shasa, a man in tune with his continent and its people; Manfred who, like his father, was willing to shape his world with a gun. So when the winds of World War II reached Africa, each brother chose a sideā€¦ Now, the future of a young nation is being forged amidst a clash of civilizations, ideals, and blood feuds. And as Shasa and Manfred rise to power, a land of beauty and suffering will be remade--for better or for worse--in an image of their own, in Wilbur Smith's Power of the Sword.
SMIT 3:5
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