An upraised chalice

Title An upraised chalice
adventures and near-death encounters in my search for the brotherhood of life
Author Gene O'Neill
Publication Asemc
Size XVII, 250p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 9780991263523
Topics Travel--World
Spiritual memoirs
Auroville--Mentionings in non-fiction
Notes A riveting adventure travel story that filled a lifetime, an epic journey of self-discovery, with spiritual realizations and intense physical challenges along the way, including multiple near-death experiences. Many have turned away from traditional organized religions to explore their own relationship with the Divine. The author is one of these seekers and this book chronicles his coming to terms with an inner understanding of reincarnation that he could faintly remember as a boy and sought to understand more fully as he grew older. It follows him to many of the world's sacred placesacross Europe to the Middle East, from Jerusalem to Istanbul, then overland across Asia to Himalayan monasteries, from Darjeeling to Saranath where the Buddha taught his first sermon, from the cremation vats of Benares on the banks of the Ganges to the mystical plains of South India. It is the inspiring story of a lifetime's quest for the sacred, ancient wisdom, alluded to by the mystical traditions
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