My reminiscences

Title My reminiscences
Author N. Balarama Reddy
Publication Sri Ramanasramam
Size 101p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 9788182880955
Topics Ramana Maharshi (Hindu sage, 1879-1950)
Spiritual memoirs
Reddy, N. Balarama (Disciple of Ramana Maharshi)
Notes My reminiscences is a thrilling memoir of one of bhagavan sri ramana maharshis earliest and closest disciples, sri n balarama reddy in it he takes us close to sri bhagavan in the old hall, who lived naturally and graciously, day after day, with all who came to him for spiritual guidance sri reddy recounts miracles, large and small, that occurred spontaneously in the masters proximity he relates his personal experience of the radiant spiritual energy that flowed when sitting before him, and the wonder of his silent gaze in the course of this narrative, sri reddy also shares his meetings with spiritual luminaries such as swami ramdas, ananda mayi ma, krishnaprem, sri aurobindo and the mother a sincere reader will gain immense inspiration from this small book, coming as it does from a mind cleared and cooled by sri bhagavans incomparable grace and intimacy it is this same grace manifesting to give us the opportunity to share in sri n balarama reddys experience of the divine in human form, ramana satguru
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