The human side of human beings

Title The human side of human beings
the theory of re-evaluation counseling
Author by Harvey Jackins
Publication Rational Island
Size 107p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 1885357079
Topics Personality--Health aspects
Stress (Psychology)
Stress management
Re-evaluation counseling
Notes The theory of re-evaluation counseling is deceptively simple, and I believe needs to be naturalised - to become common knowledge so that we can change the way we relate to one another, and in particular, the way we support our children. Belonging to the RC Community however, is not for the faint hearted. It requires a decision to be made at a very deep level to act on our best thinking and not our feelings, and to work together, often through a painful process, to rid ourselves of the effects of past hurts. There are strong guidelines in place to protect this counselling relationship. For example we are expected not to use the relationships to act out our addictions for sex, gossiping, drinking or other such behaviours, however much we want to. This is what makes it hard, and this is what makes it work. If you want to be accountable for your thoughts and behavior, read this, then do it.
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