The toothless cobra

Title The toothless cobra
and other stories from the wild
Author Nabanita Deshmukh
Publication TERI
Size 28p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 978938653016
Topics Fables--Indic
Age group--Children (0-6)
Notes Grandma cobra has lost her tooth, and she is furious because she can’t find it. To make it worse, it is a moonless night and the jungle is pitch dark. Maybe that slimy frog Mandu has stolen it thinking that it’s a treasure. And Kumi, a little adivasi girl, is out there in the dense forest looking for the chataka bird. But why? Because the fields of her village are parched, and the chataka is the messenger of rain, for it is known to ride on the monsoon winds. The Toothless Cobra… takes the readers into the heart of the wild and reveals its mysterious creatures in all their majesty, all their moods. Its charming illustrations bring the animals to life and capture them in action in their natural habitat. This collection of short stories promotes the idea of positive human–animal interactions and encourages young readers to love and care for animals.
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