Outdoor spaces

Title Outdoor spaces
Author Ana G. CaƱizares
Publication Collins
Size 333p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 9780060893231
Topics Architectural design
Garden architechture
Architectural construction--Outside extensions
Photographs--Architecture and settlements
Notes Outdoor Spaces is a unique collection of innovative, alfresco designs that integrate human habitats seamlessly into their surrounding environment. The use of natural light, filtered into the interior spaces of the residence, is just one example of how contemporary architects and landscape designers attempt to reestablish a connection with the outdoors. Using state of the art design and materials, these terraces, balconies, gardens, and courtyards embody the merging of luxurious living spaces with a more respectable attitude toward nature. Whether the view is a secluded, sandy beach or a metropolitan skyline, these spaces function as stylish yet relaxing leisure areas.
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