Culture, ideology, hegemony

Title Culture, ideology, hegemony
intellectuals and social consciousness in colonial India
Author KN Panikkar
Publication Tulika
Size X, 212p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 8185229023
Topics India--History--1765-1947 (Raj)
India--Social history
Intellectual life--History
Notes Creative analysis by a prominent historian. Focus on agriculture, class and marriage issues, ancient and British India. This volume explores the interconnections between culture, ideology and hegemony in an effort to understand and explain how Indians came to terms with colonial subjection and envisioned a future for the society in which they lived. The process of exploring the indigenous epistemological tradition and assessing it in the context of advances made by the west was not unilinear and undifferentiated; it was driven with contradictions, contentions and ruptures. Locating intellectual history at the intersection of social and cultural history, the eight essays in this book cover a wide range of issues, moving from an overview of religious and social ideas in colonial India to empirical studies of themes such as indigenous medicine, the family and literary fiction. Professor Panikkar contests both the imperialist and nationalist paradigms of intellectual history. Meticulously researched and lucidly argued, his analysis is illuminated by a rare sensitivity to the nature of class formation and class values, as well as to the material conditions of human existence.
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