Free fall

Title Free fall
Author Kyle Mills
Publication Hodder
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 0340734248
Topics American fiction--Thrillers
Notes Special Agent Mark Beamon has a plan. By slurring that one key word 'was,' he can obscure the fact that he has been suspended, and use the FBI against itself to solve the toughest, most twisted case of his career. It's bold. It's dangerous. It's the kind of maverick operation that has made him both the Bureau's best agent and its least-likely-to-succeed screwup. A top-secret FBI file buried in an anonymous government warehouse is missing. Code named Prodigy, the operation was the brainchild of J. Edgar Hoover, who created it to use against his potential enemies. It encompasses everyone in Washington, from JFK to this year's presidential candidate, David Hallorin. The unlucky grad student who uncovered Prodigy is dead, and now his girlfriend is on the run, accused of a hideous murder. The only man everyone agrees can find the young woman and turn up the explosive document is 'off-duty.' After he revealed embarrassing government illegalities during his previous investigation, the FBI has turned on Mark Beamon and is threatening him with criminal prosecution. He knows better than anyone that this case is his last shot to save his career—and his country. Tracking her down will turn out to be the most demanding case Beamon's ever faced—for the young woman is a professional rock-climber and can drop out of sight anywhere in the world. As it becomes clear that he isn't the only one looking, Beamon begins to ask himself if he might be better off failing this time. Even if he does find her and the file, who will he be able to trust when the FBI itself is under suspicion? Mark Beamon is playing for the highest stakes this time. If he blows this one, his career is over—and his prison term begins...[]
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