The photographer's master printing course

Title The photographer's master printing course
Author Tim Rudman
Publication Focal
Size 160p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 0240804570
Topics Photography--Printing processes
Photography--Developing and developers
Photography--Black and white
Photography--Darkroom and laboratory practice
Notes The Photographer's Master Printing Course offers both the enthusiastic printer and the complete beginner the key to creating perfect prints that combine technical assurance with true self-expression. Ranging from the basics of equipping a darkroom to advanced skills such as lith printing, toning and multiple printing, this complete volume is on the recommended book list of the Royal Photographic Society's Visual Arts (Pictorial) Panel. In addition to covering the essential preliminaries--from setting up a darkroom to assessing the quality of a negative--Tim Rudman explains a wide range of adventurous techniques, including multiple printing, toning and lith printing. He also covers print presentation and includes an invaluable reference section. The book discusses each stage of every process in detail and is illustrated throughout with drawings and over 300 photographs--step-by-step series, comparisons and highly original final prints. []
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