Anatomy of the spirit

Title Anatomy of the spirit
the seven stages of power and healing
Author Caroline Myss
Publication Bantam
Size XIV, 302p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 0553505270
Topics Mind and body
Personality--Health aspects
Energy healing
Notes Caroline Myss demonstrates that the seven stages through which everyone must pass in the search for consciousness and spiritual maturity are the same in all traditions and are also the same seven stages for healing. During her many years of research into the power centres of the body, Myss has uncovered strong evidence that each illness we develop corresponds to a very specific pattern of emotional and psychological stress and that certain beliefs and attitudes influence corresponding areas of the human body. For example, fears regarding financial stress affect the health of the lower back; emotional barriers to experiencing love undermine the health of the heart. A strong need to control others or your environment influences the health of the sexual area of your body. Caroline also discusses in depth why people do not heal and the reasons why we often find ourselves in difficult circumstances that never seem to change. []
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