The sleeping sorceress

Title The sleeping sorceress
an Elric novel
The vanishing tower
Author Michael Moorcock
Publication New English Library
Size 140p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 0450011267
Topics English fiction--Fantasy
Elric of Melniboné (Fictitious character)
Notes For ten thousand years the bright empire of Melniboné ruled the world through the might of her Sorcerer Kings, her Dragon Hordes and her golden battle-barges. At last, after a hundred centuries, her authority began to wane, as she was shaken by the casting of frightful runes, attacked by powers even greater than she. Soon, all that was left was the isle itself and its single city, Imrryr. Elric, proud prince of ruins, final lord of a dying race, had become a wanderer, loathed and feared, through the lands of the young kingdoms. Elric of the Black Sword, sorcerer, traitor and slayer of kin, despoiler of his homeland, a crimson-eyed albino who carried a destiny greater than even he knew. This saga of pursuit, wizardry and revenge is the new Elric novel. []
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