Charms of the Gaels

Title Charms of the Gaels
hymns and incantations; with illustrative notes on words, rites and customs, dying and obsolete; orally collected in the Highlands and islands of Scotland
Ortha nan GĂ idheal
Original title Carmina Gadelica
Author by Alexander Carmichael
Publication Floris
Size 687p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 0863155200
Topics Incantations, Scottish Gaelic
Scottish poetry--Gaelic--Translated into English
Folk poetry
Folk songs
Notes Carmina Gadelica is the most complete anthology of Celtic oral tradition ever assembled. During his travels, Alexander Carmichael spent hours with peasants in their huts in front of peat fires listening as they "intoned in a low, recitative manner" these poems and prayers. This unique collection of living spirituality drawn from the depths of Celtic Christianity, represents a hidden oral tradition of great power and beauty, handed down through countless generations of Hebridean peasants. Previously available only as a bilingual text in six volumes, this edition in English contributes to a broader awareness of Celtic literature in general. John MacInnes' introduction puts the poems in the context of the life and folklore of the Gaelic community. [back cover]
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