Light readings

Title Light readings
a photography critic's writings, 1968-1978
Author A. D. Coleman; introd. by Shelley Rice
Publication University of New Mexico Pr.
Size XXXII, 307p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 0826316670
Topics Photographic criticism
Notes It could be said that when he commenced publishing his "Latent Image" column in the "Village Voice" in May 1968, A.D. Coleman invented the concept of the photography critic. With that first essay, which opens this classic collection of his early writings, Coleman introduced the idea that photography as a medium merited the full-time attention of a working critic. From then until now, he has steadfastly exemplified the complex possibilities of such a role within our photographic culture. Considered essential reading for all students of the medium since it was published in 1979, this selection of more than eighty of Coleman's essays charts the medium's dramatic evolution during an explosive period in its history, and simultaneously tracks his own exploration of the diverse functions inherent in his chosen task as a "public critic." this new edition includes four additional essays, among them his provocative observations on John Szarkowski and Susan Sontag. Widely and favorably reviewed when it first appeared, "Light Readings" has since become a standard reference work on the medium and a frequently assigned classroom text. It remains the single best first-person chronicle of the years that it covers. [back cover]
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