Practical Reiki

Title Practical Reiki
a practical step by step guide to this ancient healing art
Author Dr. Mari Hall
Publication Thorsons
Size 149p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 0722534655
Topics Reiki--Healing system
Notes More and more people have experienced frustration with conventional health practitioners and have turned to alternative medicines. Reiki, an ancient form of laying on hands, offers an additional natural remedy that is sure to be embraced by this growing audience.Rediscovered in the mid 1800's, Reiki is a means of activating the body's universal energy and directing it to those particular areas that need healing.The most common affects of a Reiki session are deep relaxation and a sense of inner peace, creating an ideal environment for the body to maximize its own healing process. Reiki can be used safely at any time, in any place for everything from problems with conception to the pain of terminal illness. Reiki is a powerful complement to all forms of healing- including traditional medicine. This comprehensive, straightforward workbook is the essential partner to anyone looking to benefit from the potent powers of this ancient art. []
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