Life beyond death

Title Life beyond death
a critical study of spiritualism
Author Swami Abhedananda
Publication Ramakrishna Vedanta Math
Size 280p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 8188446386
Topics Spiritualism
Notes Unlike many of the books on Spiritualism,the present work has a special feature of it's own.It's pages do not narrate the legends and tales of ghosts and other supernatural beings,as one in most cases finds in such books that claim to unveil the mystery of the world beyond the grave.The treatment of the subject is purely a scientific one,and it has taken a new departure from the prevailing methods and systems of presentation of the subject. The present work is free from all prejudices and never subscribes to any of these blindly biased views.It has given an impartial or dispassionate view on spiritualism showing wisely and ably it's merits and demerits,it's bright and dark sides as well.All the problems of soul,pre-existence,immortality,reincarnation and eternality have been clearly solved by the Philosopher Saint Swami Abhedananda in these lectures in a remarkably lucid and characteristic style of his own.The Book,originally printed in the year 1944 has run into eight editions printed in 2005. []
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