The crows of Agra

Title The crows of Agra
a Birbal mystery
Author Sharath Komarraju
Publication Amazing Reads
Size 281p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 9788192910956
Topics Indian fiction--English
Indian fiction--Historical
India--History--1526-1765 (Mughals)
Akbar the Great (Mughal emperor, 1542-1605)
Indian fiction--Crime stories
Notes The year is 1562 A.D. Just into his twentieth year, Akbar readies himself to emerge from behind the veil and stake his claim to the Mughal throne. But the figure of his regent, Bairam Khan, looms large in his path. After an exchange of blows and wits, Bairam Khan is subdued. Akbar forgives him, and forces upon him a pilgrimage to Mecca. On the eve of his departure, Bairam Khan is found murdered in his chamber. With the help of Mahesh Das — a Brahmin who Akbar has befriended — Akbar must find out who killed Bairam Khan. But in the insidious Mughal court — a hotbed of intrigue and suspicion — danger lurks at every step. One false step could cost them their lives. []
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