Secret series

Title Secret series
You have to stop this
Author Pseudonymus Bosch; ill. by Gilbert Ford
Publication Little, Brown
Size 347p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 9780316076272
Topics American fiction--Juvenile--Humour
American fiction--Juvenile--Mystery
Notes The story begins with a picture of The Oath of Terces. There is a quick preface concerning an ibis bird that stands for a moment, but then crosses the River Nile. Then the story moves to an event happening at more or less, the same moment. An innocent man is being executed moments after inscribing a fateful secret on a piece of papyrus in hieroglyphics. The story then moves forward in time with Cass and Max-Ernest heading to a garage sale Larry and Wayne are having. Cass tells Max-Ernest that she hid the Jester's trunk in a pit behind the firehouse. They lug it out, open it, and discover that it contains a blue ring with a picture of an ibis and a scrap of linen. She discovers that they contain hieroglyphics meaning either "because what Ibis" or "because what Thoth". In the next chapter, Cass and Max-Ernest are on a bus, with Yo-Yoji, discussing their field trip to the Egyptian section of the museum with classmates, Glob and Danielle who is only known for his dreadlocks, but wishes to find a "thing" (something he is known for). They meet Danielle's father, Albert 3D (cause he has 3 degrees in different subjects) who shows them a handsome mummy who was executed for some strange reason. Cass reasons that it is the physician from hundreds of years ago, who was executed because of discovering The Secret. Cass, Yo Yoji and Max decide to hang back and examine the mummy. She notices that the blue ring that she found in the Jester's trunk matches an imprint on the mummy's finger. [wikipedia]
823 y
BOSC 19:5
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