The Mediator

Title The Mediator
Love you to death
Author Meg Cabot
Publication Macmillan
Size 198p
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 9780330437370
Topics American fiction--Juvenile--Mystery
Notes The series follows along with a girl named Susannah "Suze" Simon and her experiences as a teenage mediator - a person who has abilities to see, touch and talk to ghosts, and main goal is to help them to the "Great Beyond" (after life). She is able to travel to the Shadow Land (Land of Damnation). In the end of the series, Suze finds out that she is able to travel in time. The books are written in first-person narrative from Suze's perspective. Suze's problem is that she was in love with a nineteenth-century ghost known as Hector de Silva, or what she calls him, Jesse. Since he is an undead, no one other than Suze and some other mediators (Paul, Father Dominic, Dr Slaski and Jack) can see him. Suze frequently recalls that she cannot even introduce him to her parents. Jesse's rival is a fellow mediator, Paul, who Suze calls "The Spawn of Satan" and she does not express any feelings for him. He frequently taunts Jesse about his mortality, and states that he is a better person for Suze, stating that Jesse can't even buy her a cup of coffee, or take her to prom. [wikipedia]
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