discovery of heaven

Title discovery of heaven
a novel
Original title Ontdekking van de hemel.
Author Mulisch, Harry
Publication Viking
Size 730 p.
Language ENG ENG
ISBN 0670856681
Topics Dutch fiction--Psychological
Dutch fiction--Translated into English
Notes Publisher description for: The Discovery of Heaven, Harry Mulisch. The Discovery of Heaven, Harry Mulisch's magnum opus, is a rich mosaic of twentieth-century trauma in which many themes— friendship, loyalty, family, art, technology, religion, fate, good, and evil— suffuse a suspenseful and resplendent narrative.The story begins with the meeting of Onno and Max, two complicated individuals whom fate has mysteriously and magically brought together. They share responsibility for the birth of a remarkable and radiant boy who embarks on a mandated quest that takes the reader all over Europe and to the land where all such quests begin and end. Abounding in philosophical, psychological and theological inquiries, yet laced with humor that is as infectious as it is willful, The Discovery of Heaven lingers in the mind long after it has been read. It not only tells an accessible story, but also convinces one that it just might be possible to bring order into the chaos of the world through a story.
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